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Physics engine for scientific and business critical applications
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SofaAPAPI-Unity3D is a professional physics engine combining performance and accuracy of scientific multi-physics simulation with realtime user haptic interactions in Virtual Reality.


Haptics Support

VR Integration


Multi-Physics Engine

Professional multi-physics engine for various interactive simulation objectives. Support:
  • Deformable objects simulation using FEM and ODE resolution methods.
  • Collision of rigid and soft bodies.
  • Constraints resolution
  • Particle fluid models.
  • Electrophysiology and Thermodynamic behavior.
  • Various models of FEM primitive or mesh springs models
  • Volumic and Surfacique 3D meshes support with mechanical and visual mapping connections.

Haptics Support

Haptic driver communication through the C/C++ API. Support several devices:
  • Geomagic Touch and Touch X devices.
  • Entact haptic device.
  • Follou HapticAvatar multi-devices.
Various scenarios of use:
  • Rigid and Deformable contact.
  • Multiple tools handling in a single simulation.
  • Several types of interaction: Carving, Needle insertion or grasping

VR Integration

  • Oculus and HTC Vive Compatible.
  • Handling interactions between the VR controller and 3D physical models.
  • Compatible with all simulation and haptic devices.
  • Multiple point of view switching.
  • Various VR environment.

Advanced Features

In addition to the main objective which is to provide accurate multi-physics simulation compatible with Virtual Reality. Several advanced features are available such as:
  • The possibility to change the mesh structure to simulate drilling, cutting scenarios.
  • Some tools to stitch or constraint some part of the mesh to simulate clamping or tearing objects.
  • Advanced rendering like real-time X-Ray image simulation.
  • Several display mode to emphasise the Data structure of the simulation.